Boot camp, Gracie’s adventures and more…


Lauren, Debbie and niece Becky at boot camp Hi there, it's been another busy week!
-    When every muscle feels like it’s been hit by a bat
-    Gracie's latest adventures
-    And a blooper for your delight and delectation

After many years of good intentions, we finally made it to a boot camp! And it was every bit as intensive as I thought it would be! Sooo many funny stories to tell you, but I have to be selective or my poor web-lady Sally will be here all night posting it for you!

Debbie working out with a kettle bell This is me and a kettle bell – ever seen 'Biggest Loser'? Yes those kettle bells. You swing them. Up and down, back and forth, sideways. You pick them up, you put them down. For an hour. Then you do body-combat – bit like aerobics class crossed with kick boxing – bit like TaeBo (remember that?) – for an hour.

Then you run around an assault course for another hour, going over things, round things, through things and falling off things! (see bruise below – most of us had one of these by the end!). For an hour. Oh and you started the day with a 10k run. And that's just on the Friday afternoon when you first arrive! Then it all starts again on the Saturday – we'd done an hour of warm up and sprints before breakfast! But we did bail out early and go home Saturday night!

Debbie's boot camp bruise The reason I went was to kick-start my summer weight loss offensive – I'm determined to be a stone lighter by the time I go to Stonehenge again in September – so all the walking will be more enjoyable this year! Plus of course the new man gives me a nice incentive and is very encouraging bless him! Plus am feeling soooo much better when I do exercise, and eat healthily – it's a very marked improvement I can tell you. If you ever want to give yourself a boost, boot camps are a good idea.

The camaraderie amongst all of us unfit women was one of the best things about the two days in 'Fat-Attack's' Essex retreat near Chigwell. So many highlights – just catching the eye of the lady opposite, mid-'plank' – similarly exhausted, similarly in pain, when you're both just waiting for Adrian the trainer's feet to go past you so you can both sneakily stop doing 'plank' and rest your knees on the floor for a few precious stomach-rescuing seconds, till Adrian turns back round again and can see you once more… moments like that were priceless! As was watching several personal achievements being celebrated – mine included finally on the fifth attempt, getting almost all the way across the monkey bars without touching the ground!

Or seeing the faces of the girls coming back from the arduous forest run in the pouring rain with drips sheeting off their fringes, standing there saying 'that's it, I'm officially broken', but ten minutes later, rejuvenated after a packet of munchy seeds and a banana, all heading back off out again to do 'sliding' class. Or being with daughter Lauren and niece Becky, staying in a dorm with nine other ladies, some of whose husbands were banished to their own single sex dorm, taking us right back to school days, was a wonderful experience. Except for poor tired Becky when the symphony of snoring kept her awake 'cos she forgot her earplugs!

The food was calorie-controlled, but tasty. And the schedule whilst punishing, if you paced yourself, was the shock to the system many of us needed. One lost five pounds in the weekend alone! I lost three, and an inch off my waist and an inch off my hips. Takes my body fat down three per cent in a month and seven pounds weight loss so far.

Trainers Mitch, Adrian and Jamie The trainers were lovely too – Vanessa, the organiser, who's arranging a special discount for anyone reading this who wants to book a weekend – and another trainer called Jamie who said 'I know someone who works at QVC – 'H' the cameraman – I train with him sometimes!' Coincidence or what?! (Jamie's in white in this pic), plus Mitch (his exaggerated six pack carefully hidden beneath the red T-shirt much to the girls' disappointment!). And Adrian's the one in the middle. A good time was had by all – well, a memorable time at least! Craig's very jealous – he wants to go on a boot camp now! Would you?

Gracie's gallivanting
Mind you, having come back a bit energised, I was severely depleted of all energy on Tuesday this week when Madame Gracie decided to go AWOL over night, just before she was due to be spayed! Turned out in the end she'd been found in the ornamental pond down the drive near me at 10pm, and the restaurant manager took care of her in her room overnight, dried her with fluffy towels and gave her some posh food to eat till eventually we hooked up again at lunchtime after a mobile mix-up prevented me getting the message that she’d been found. And worrying myself silly all night and morning!

Gracie after her gallivanting And poor Nigel did too – he's got a soft spot for 'my Gracie' as he calls her! Thing is, she was due to be spayed the next morning! So that was postponed till the next day. It was as if she knew! Here she is on her way home in the car again after we were reunited – it's as if she's saying 'who me?!'

As I speak, she's snoring on the floor at my feet, recovering from her op and will be grounded for a few days till she's better! And yet again, Daisy's been reprimanded for creating holes in the fence outside that let her sister out in the first place!

I thought I'd send you this link from the Diamonique 17th Anniversary show on Monday. By the way – what did you think of the first bit of Diamonique you bought from us all those years ago? Or more recently? Any nice stories/compliments?

It’s a bit cryptic, this blooper – but I've put it up by popular demand, and because I'm sure you can work out what was being said in my ear, given what had just come out of my mouth! But suffice it to say it tickled me and I nearly lost it! Being tired from boot camp didn't help I guess. In fact, the only time I've ever lost it completely on air was when I was totally whacked out, 10 years-or-so ago and was presenting Egyptian jewellery. &#3 9;Tutankhamun' came out as 'TART-en-kumon' – the 'slapper of ancient Egypt'! As you may know, it made one of those bloopers shows! This one won't, but it made me smile – so see if you can work out what I was laughing at!


Whilst you're on YouTube, incidentally, check how many views you guys have created of the short clip of my lovely man Nigel since the Centre Parcs blog – five times as many as the average clip gets! Just shows how curious you all were and I'm glad to have obliged! He's coming with me to Lauren's graduation this weekend, so next week I should have some very interesting photos – me and the kids, their dad and his third wife Nicky, plus my man and Brad's lovely fiancée Kari. That line-up will be a first, for sure! Another TiFFT! What's yours for this month? 😉

And just avoid boot camps unless you want to feel like you’ve been pulled across the field by horses! Or if you want to experience the Fat-Attack body shock, you can email the lovely lady herself on to ask for a brochure or a discounted weekend rate – pounding your body into submission! She'll give you a third off if you say you read it here! (the code you need is 'flintbasic').

Have a fab weekend!


P.S. – coming up this weekend – secret agent recommendations! As long-promised, there'll be a little interview with Oli Munson, and other publishing agents too, this weekend - so keep an eye out!


  1. Susan July 21, 2011 at 6:36 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    Amazing blog and I soo admire you for going to a bootcamp!! You’re a brave woman! Like we didn’t know already though lol! Can’t wait to see the grad photos. Hope you have a lovely day all together. Very special. Lucky you all got tickets!! You must have got them all lol! Funny clip and yes I can imagine what they were saying to you. Funy!
    Enjoy the graduation!
    Susan x

  2. Amanda Mitchell July 21, 2011 at 7:30 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie, I have been watching you for ages & decided to take the plunge & send a message( my TiFFT)Watched the show with your green cocktail ring & could not stop sniggering ( bit like you only I was not on air ha ) You are our favourite presenter & my husband & I love watching you as you always manage to say or do something funny. So glad you have found a man in your life, you can tell as you seem to have that extra sparkle these days. Keep up the good work & get some arnica for your war wounds
    With love from Mandy x

  3. Linda, Glasgow July 22, 2011 at 11:52 am -  Reply

    Your crazy mad Debs – but dont changeXX I’ve been Zumbaing since the last TSV along with my Aeropilates,excercise bike and treadmill and have been getting some results(i like my chocolate too much).It was Anne D’s fabulous results with the Zumba not just physically but emotionally too that encouraged me on with the Zumba – its lifts the spirits no end. Your right re Nigels Youtube piccies – we all wanted to know what he looked like and we were not disappointed – as i said in my last comment he seems so kind to animals(and thats not a bad thing)- your both a lovely couple. Your brave re the bootcamp experience and trust you to get us all a discount before you left – as i’ve said the results of your new regime are obvious – dont lose too much weight though as i dont think you would suit the skinny look and your face is fine and belies your agegroupXX – what do you think? I always thought you guys typed your own blog entries/comment – so a big hello to SallyXX Look after yourself DebsX Speak soon Love Linda Glasgow

  4. Michelle Roberts July 22, 2011 at 2:24 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs, i just caught a little bit of your show where you got the giggles i shudder to think what was going on in your ear piece i hope it wasn’t regarding the size of your finger’s LOL so funny but you took control very quickly well done girl!!
    You are a very brave lady doing boot camp, not sure i would keep up with it all, My yoga class is enough for me and you got me motivated to do that!!
    My first diamonique piece was a pair of little stud earrings which i purchased on the very first show and i still have them today and wear the from time to time now after all these years i have a drawer full and i love it all and more importantly it still dazzles!!
    I hope Gracie is recovering well,gosh these dogs a real challenge for you Debs but so cute!!
    Good luck debs with the graduation, was you wife number one or two, really looking forward to the pics is really kind of you to share your family life with us lot!!
    Hubby is cooking again tonight my Friday night treat i’m told tonight’s menu fish fingers chips and peas!! then get this he wants me to teach him how to make a cake, this should be fun LOL
    I’m loving my new book Getting away with it, this is really my cup of tea, still got loads to read, will be side tracked to night with Lola Rose, won,t bore you any more, could go on for ages, anyway have a great weekend.
    Take care, Love to the Pogs
    Michelle X X

  5. Nigel July 26, 2011 at 8:41 am -  Reply

    Debs, Guess Gracie has a homing instinct for water after all that hydro training, perhaps you should build a swimming pool in the back garden ! (Thought the new fence was Houdini proof).
    Hope someone is watering the veg when your away on all these trips ? Picked my first runners and courgettes yesterday.
    As regards the clip, the mind boggles ! Take care, Nige

  6. Louise July 26, 2011 at 3:15 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs
    Been a bit lax in reading the blogs lately, but I just have to comment on your shattering of my illusions! You have a ‘web lady’? And here I am thinking how industrious you are, writing such a regular blog! I jest. Just one observation: does this mean you’re not as tech savvy as you lead us to believe?! If you’re anything like me, life’s quite hectic with work and home, without the blog.
    Just tooko receipt of my acer netbook the other week; how brilliant is it? It’s my first netbook and, although I still prefer having a disc drive – makes life a lot simpler – I like the aesthetics of the machine and the performance. I still want a new laptop and I know acer have one as a tsv this saturday. My current hp model apparently developed a faulty graphics chip (all dv9710s did), so it’s irrepairable, and my desktop has had it – just my luck! I’ve been without home internet access and can’t risk it again.
    Love as always from Osc and Cas to your brood. Take care, Debs, and speak again soon.

  7. debs flint July 27, 2011 at 11:52 pm -  Reply

    Haha! what are you like, you guys? My lovely web-lady Sally will add a few lines here about what it is that she does, that us mere presenters can’t do – all to do with having access to the appropriate codes and programmes to actually post our blogs! But no, no illusions to be shattered, it’s all my own work! I write it, add the pics and Sally kindly uploads it, basically! Cos they don’t trust us presenters to do it ourselves or goodness knows what we might accidentally delete! lol. am pretty web and tech savvy but very very grateful I dont have to do the last bit myself, as these blogs take long enough as it is! As well as answering everybody. no wonder I’m not finishing my story!! Anyway over to Sally to add a bit to help you understand how our blogs are loaded! (Sal – add what you like! I should take a pic of you too – add one if you want to! Can you add pics to ‘comments’?) xx

  8. debs flint July 28, 2011 at 12:02 am -  Reply

    Susan – yes brave or – mad!! Thanks for your lovely comment! Grad pics to follow soon!…

  9. debs flint July 28, 2011 at 1:53 am -  Reply

    Amanda – LOVELY to hear from my new readers! So nice of you to comment, and hugs to you and hubby! Yes it is most lovely to have got someone like my Nigel in my life now! It certainly helps the sparkle! Do come back each week and add some more comments! It’s always nice to have feedback.

  10. debs flint July 28, 2011 at 1:57 am -  Reply

    Linda –
    get you with the Zumba¬! Well done you! No I wont be able to lose too much weight cos I’ve never been skinny in my whole life! Anyway I lose my bust if I’m too thin… 🙂 Yes was glad to obtain a potential discount – but I’ll be curious to see how many people take Fat Attack up on it! lol.

  11. debs flint July 28, 2011 at 1:58 am -  Reply

    Michelle – glad your DQ studs have lasted – they should have so that’/s fab! And how bout your hubby then eh! He’ll graduate to spag bol one day! lol

  12. debs flint July 28, 2011 at 1:59 am -  Reply

    Nigel – you put me to shame – my runners are rubbish! Bad position I think = still got red flowers but no sign of beans as yet! lol

  13. debs flint July 28, 2011 at 2:02 am -  Reply

    Louise – yes Lee says this Saturday’s TSV is a good spec! Good luck with it – hope you had a click-free or back up to save your data when your Pc went down! 🙂
    ps see below re posting the blog – it’s really uploading that Sally does – the rest of it is all my own work! honest! lol
    nice of you to post again hon!

  14. hazel staniland July 30, 2011 at 2:55 pm -  Reply

    dear debbie you asked people to message you after the clarks shoe sale show (29-07-11-8pm).if anyone wanted wider fitting shoes to let you know.well my question is,would it be possible to have larger sizes (eg.9-10) plus the wide fitting?.

  15. debs flint August 4, 2011 at 11:32 am -  Reply

    hazel – good question – will certainly pass it on – I read in the paper yesterday about size 9’s being more prevalent nowadays – specially amongst younger women – like my daughter Lauren and Paris Hilton and Nicole kidman and kate winslett! Youre in good company hon!

  16. lynne chorley August 9, 2011 at 1:20 pm -  Reply

    hi debbie what is the secret to your brilliant new figure?

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