Blasts from the past!


Space-Invaders Hello, I can't believe September is here! Where did August go!?

I mentioned (a few blogs ago) how we've been sorting and clearing over the last few weeks. Well, I recently took a big trip down 'technology' memory lane! 

Space Invaders (pictured left), an all time arcade classic! I can't remember how long ago I received this hand-held game, I'm guessing around thirty years ago, and as you can see it still works!

Sinclair-Spectrum My son popped some batteries in and let battle commence. The sound effects are brilliant and are based on the original arcade game. (I think it used to be 10p a turn!) I dug a little deeper in the box under the stairs and found my very very first computer. My Sinclair Spectrum (left)!

Spectrum-game I'm not sure if it still works I couldn't find all the cables that go with it, they're probably in another box! However, I did find one of the games, Horace goes Skiing (left)! There was also Hungry Horace and Horace and the Spiders! The games were on cassette tapes which unlike the games discs and cartridges of today took what felt like forever to load!

My Spectrum came with a book of programmes that you were able to type up to create your own games. I spent hours and hours (well it felt like hours and hours!) typing frantically to create a programme to play Hangman!

I think one Christmas Mum and Dad bought me a game called Jetpack. It was a little space man you controlled who flew around the screen (with his jetpack) to build a space craft to fly to the next planet to build another space craft… it was brilliant!

How technology has moved on… I wonder where we'll be in another 25 years??

Take care and see you soon

Charlie x

Ps. I love my beauty shows on QVC and I notice that this Saturday the 3rd of September I have two shows with Decleor. One at 8pm and the other at 11pm. Hope to see you then x 

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