Black adder Well I'm back from my family hols and slowly getting back into the fast pace of live TV at QVC.

I always look forward to coming home, although we had such a relaxing time, it was definitely harder this year. I broke my all-time record of six novels in two weeks this year, it literally is the only time I read a novel – when not on holiday I mostly read articles etc.

Lying around reading books and drinking too much fizzy drinks and filling up on crisps etc. meant that towards the end of the break I had put on over half a stone! So I started to exercise a lot more for the last few days playing tennis and snorkelling, and also cut down on the calories. It's been a week since we returned and I'm pleased with my progress.

One of my favourite ways to exercise is to take Toby on a power-walk, we go for about an hour and I really march along – I'm told it's almost as good as jogging and certainly kinder to my back! However, I pulled up sharpish the other day when I saw a BLACK ADDER – right in front of me.

Toby looking cool on holiday in his shades I wasn't worried for me as they are pretty harmless unless you tread on them or antagonise them, but Toby was sniffing his way towards the snake. I got Toby to sit a few yards away and took this picture (see above left) on my phone. It was the largest adder I've ever seen and judging by its full belly had recently had a meal.

I've also attached a photo of Toby relaxing on his holiday with my Mum down in Sussex.

P.S. I haven't forgotten about the elephant pictures!

Take care,
Until next time,
Dale. x.


  1. julie August 14, 2010 at 4:58 pm -  Reply

    Hi Dale
    Glad you had a good holiday, 6 novels in 2 weeks is good going in my book (book, lol), sorry!
    Love the photo of Toby with his shades on, soooooooooo gorgeous. Hope he had a good holiday too.
    That snake looks a bit too scary for me, glad Toby didn’t get to it. I have never seen a snake in the flesh and would like it to stay that way.
    It is true, a brisk walk is as good as a run. And yes, less harmful on joints and sore backs. You are allowed to have extra caloried when on holiday Dale.
    Looking forward to the elephant photo.
    Take care.
    Love to all and a great big cuddle and kiss for Toby.

  2. Deb Toft August 15, 2010 at 1:47 pm -  Reply

    Hi Dale,
    Would you please settle a dispute. We were recently on holiday in Menorca (Punta Prima)and we were out in a restaurant and I said to the family that the guy sat at a table near us was Dale from QVC. No one agreed, however I would be really grateful if you could put my mind at rest and let me know if you were indeed on holiday there.
    I hope you had a good holiday wherever it was you went
    Thank you

  3. iT August 16, 2010 at 6:28 am -  Reply

    Hi Dale
    I think we should rename your blog ‘The Dale Franklin Wildlife Diaries’.
    I love the photo of the Adder. A really plump, wonderful specimen that looked in very good condition. The wildlife definitely thrive in your neck of the woods. No mistaking it’s an Adder with those beautiful zig zag/diamond markings. Wish we could make the photos bigger though because I really wanted to zoom in. It was obviously trying to make the most of the little sun we have had recently.
    Love the photo of Toby; he’s a real stunner, a lovely dog and I bet he’s as lovely in temperament as he is in looks.
    I also want to thank you for entertaining me the other morning. I tuned in to find you singing ‘Back to Black’ by Amy Whinehouse and, as if that wasn’t enough, I also witnessed some fancy footwork when you took to the dancing mat (WII Girls Night In for those wondering what I am talking about). You really made me laugh, especially when you moved into Bruce Forsythe mode. Very funny.
    Glad you haven’t forgotten the ele pics. Look forward to reading about your time with the wonderful elephants.
    Take care
    Gail x

  4. dale franklin August 18, 2010 at 2:33 am -  Reply

    OK in order of postings – Jules many thanks, still working on the elephoto (I don’t think it’ll live up to the hype!)I’m fascinated by snakes – I dont know why.
    Dear Deb – you win the bet – guilty as charged! Twas me!!
    Gail – Nice to hear from you! To hear from you Nice ! Shocking song choice only 2 notes in the whole song! I’m very biased but Toby is wonderful – a constant joy to the whole family and so well behaved (Good breeding and Cesar Millan!!) Thanks for all comments until next time Dale x

  5. Deirdre Costello September 12, 2010 at 10:32 pm -  Reply

    Hey Dale
    congrats to you and your wife on your special anniversary.
    Your blogs are fun and just like your presentations are light and fun and a pleasure to watch

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