Better “ate” than never!!


Calamari in AthensOuch! Apologies folks for the really bad pun here, but I couldn't resist. Unfortunately neither could I resist the delicious fayre in the accompanying photos.


Just to clarify, you have three photos of what my taste buds have come to expect on a visit to Italy, and one photo of some calamari (pictured left) enjoyed whilst on my break to Athens.

Giant pizzaMy personal favourite is that gigantic pizza (left)which needs a table of its own (not obvious from the photo)!! Having said that the tiramisu is always a bit of a winner. And I have included a photo of what would perhaps look like any old boring 'Italian gelato.'

However this is from my local, and all his ice creams are 100% homemade. It has even been known for my presence to be requested for a tasting on occasion. It all started when he decided to try an "English trifle" recipe and wanted to know what I thought. Tough one eh?!!



  Tiramisu Homemade gelato








Anyway I'm sure in the light of these photos you will understand why I have had to up the ante on my Zumba!

Massive massive wedding next Saturday (27th). I am the equivalent of the mother-of-the-bride!! Long story but I promise to fill you in after the event.

The outfit? Well, a Yong Kim dress, Lulu Guinness clutch bag and Wow Wow – I've gone for a hat and a fascinator!! The hat is absolutely fab (in my humble opinion of course).

Can't wait. I do love a wedding.

Hope you're all well!

Catch up soon

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  1. Susan October 25, 2012 at 5:18 pm -  Reply

    Hi Anne,
    Gorgeous food!! Well not that I could taste it you understand but the photos set the tastebuds alive!! I have never been to Italy and love hearing about your trips!! Thanks. And Athens? Who was that with? Family or friends? Was that the one with your youngest? I forget I’m sorry. Haven’t seen you on QVC in a long time but then you mostly do mornings/daytime don’t you. Miss you and your craic! Cannot wait to hear about the BIG wedding! Hope your brother is doing ok. Take care,
    Susan x

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