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October is racing by isn’t it?!
A real favourite past time in the UK is to discuss the weather. It’s been so changeable over the last few weeks. One minute bright, warm sunshine fooling me into thinking its summer again then, before you know it, rain has returned. I’ve seen so many rainbows over the last few days. Even a partial rainbow can pop a smile on your face! I’m still hoping to find that pot of gold one day :- )


I’ve enjoyed some wonderful shows of late at QVC! Our Festive Food event was an amazing day and if you missed any of the shows be sure to check online for some wonderful, delicious treats! The Real Pie Company, Green Seasons and so many more amazing food brands and names can be found right here!

There have been some busy times behind the scenes at QVC too. You may have caught this snap of Alison Young I tweeted – I’m @mecharliebrook in case you missed it. Ali being made up by one of our fabulous make-up artists… I did remind her to remove that one last roller. Enormous!


I also bumped into Dale. Not entirely sure why we are posing with his microphone?! We’re still sharing the same dressing room and to this day we’ve managed to keep it really tidy and minimal. Let’s not discuss Alison Young’s dressing room… apparently there is a carpet in there somewhere and a dressing table too ;- ).


I’ll leave you this week with this picture… I was on air and out of the corner of my eye across the studio, I could see a huge pair of eyes staring right at me! That’s the way my imagination works… it was simply a pair of lights!


See you soon!


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