Back from another holiday in Corfu


The sun setting on the west coast of Corfu I know, I know…it must seem like I'm always on holiday!

Seriously, the few days I enjoyed in Scotland were an unexpected bonus thanks to Charlie's success in his hockey. This was the annual jaunt to Corfu that we enjoy as a family every August, and the thought of which makes the dark early mornings of winter bearable.

We head to Kalami on the picturesque north-east coast of the island, and catch up with friends who make a similar pilgrimage, many of whom we only see on holiday.

Two weeks of swimming, boating, socialising (I suppose I mean eating and drinking!) and general relaxing recharges my batteries in preparation for a busy autumn. With Rebecca hopefully heading off to university next month this may have been one of the last times we all travel together as a family. Although, she assures us that if an expenses-paid offer is made, she will always be happy to join us!

Bex's and her friends on her birthday Pool party for Rebecca's 18th birthday

She celebrated her 18th birthday while we were away. We had a pool party with hot dogs and burgers and I made a huge chocolate brownie cake in a paella pan and decorated it with 18 sparklers donated by nearby Thomas's taverna.

Then the teenagers headed off to a 'foam' disco in the local town of Kassiopi. Don't ask – it's better not to know – but I believe there's a lot of washing-up liquid involved!! You can see Joe, Maddy and Sam in the photo with Bex (left/right).

I've also got a photo of the amazing privately-owned boat (ship?) that Peter Mandelson allegedly entertained on. It's moored near the Rothschild estate that is much written about in the gossip columns.

The boat Peter Mandelson entertained on A friend of ours was on the same Easyjet flight out to Corfu as Lord Mandelson, but thankfully, without a country to run while the Prime Minister enjoys a break, we were all able to stay a little longer than he did.

Awaiting A-Level results

We took a ride over to the west coast one afternoon and stayed to eat in a stunning restaurant at the end of several miles of dirt track, powered only by a generator and with beautiful views out to sea and the setting sun.

But the sun has now set on my holiday and its back to reality. I'm writing this on Wednesday and probably by the time you read this we will know Rebecca's A-level results. These will determine what she does for the next six years of her life.

Two As and a B or better and she'll be off to London to study medicine. She's clutching a bottle of Rescue Remedy already! Many other parents will be feeling what I'm feeling at the moment – I'll cross my fingers for you if you do the same for me!

And the important thing to remember, of course, is that we should be proud of their efforts whatever the results and that things always work out one way or another, even if not exactly as planned.

So good luck, and I'll let you know.

Kathy X


  1. Kristina Moore August 21, 2009 at 6:53 pm -  Reply

    Hello Kathy, I am glad you all had a good time on holiday. I hope that people at school and college know that to do your best in everything is the main thing. My brain was permanently frozen when exams or tests were taken. I just could not do the exams or tests however hard I revised beforehand. I got some qualifications but not enough. Your life is affected by school and college obviously but it may not have the total say in what you end up doing.
    Well done to all those who took exams whatever the results!
    Best wishes to you all

  2. kathy tayler August 24, 2009 at 11:38 am -  Reply

    Hi Kristina
    Thanks for your comments – you’re right about doing your best is the most important thing, and all that, as parents, we can ask for. My youngest, Billy, finds school and exams much harder than his brother and sister, and it’s his effort that we are proud of. Qualifications can help you on your way in the world, but some of Billy’s qualities, like his caring for others and his huge grin, don’t get awarded medals or certificates but will certainly help him in his adult life. I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do!
    Best wishes
    Kathy xx

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