Back from a wonderful week in Cornwall


Dale's Cornish view Hi all, came back at the weekend from a wonderful week in Cornwall or should I use it's local name, Kernow?

We had a great time and were blessed with mostly sunny days, but even when it was cloudy – I just love Cornwall. We stayed almost at the south-westerly tip of Great Britain in a valley with a stunning unspoilt sandy beach.

It's near the world famous Minack Theatre, which as many of you will know is carved out of the granite cliffs and overhangs the crashing waves below. Talking of overhangs – I got talking to a lady whilst we were watching a school of dolphins in the bay – it turned out she's a QVC fan – the overhang comment refers to the fact I was topless!! – I hope she recovers – I believe counselling may be available on the NHS!

But you know, just waking up to the view (see pic above left) every morning, whatever the weather just sets you up right! My love for Cornwall started as a kid, when I spent weeks staying on a working farm on Bodmin Moor, but I had never stayed so close to Land's End before. The scenery and cliff top walks are spectacular and on a sunny day you could easily think you were half way around the world.

It's amazing how slow the journey becomes when you start to use the tiny high sided Cornish lanes, wondering if a tractor or bus will greet you round the next blind corner – there's no doubt that this is the start of the winding down from London and Home Counties speed of life and you soon adapt to the slower pace of life and start to smell the flowers.

So looking back over the summer our first UK staycation has been a great success and I certainly will be heading south-west again sooner rather than later – if you managed to get away this summer where did you go? I'd love to hear.

Anyway the hols are over and it's back to a very busy QVC. I'm launching the 17th full Gem Day with Claire on Saturday into Sunday 11th September with an amazing Tahitian Pearl Today's Special Value – it's certainly a considered purchase but I can tell you the price is INCREDIBLE! Laurie Wickwire our luxury gems guest will be along to tell us more. I've also got an hour of Premier Tanzanite with Laurie at 7pm on Sunday and then the Grand Finale with Jilly.

AA Tanzanite & Diamond Pendant 18ct White Gold As I like to do I've chosen a couple of luxury pieces for my picks and the first is an amazing AA Tanzanite and Diamond pendant – the tanzanite is a whopping 3.5 carats(!) and surrounded by diamonds set in 18 carat white gold. Perhaps for a very special occasion?

Also, from the Finale show, I've picked out a Multi Colour Thai Sapphire necklaceMulti Coloured Thai Sapphire Strand it weighs in at a whopping 60 carats!! These are both special pieces, but isn't that what Gem Days are all about ?

Take care and enjoy!

Dale. x


  1. Lisa September 11, 2011 at 8:13 pm -  Reply

    “I believe counselling may be available on the NHS…” Dale you are hilarious, made me laugh out loud!! It must be the curse of being a QVC presenter, you can never be anonymous and off duty – not even when topless on holiday..! I haven’t been to Cornwall since a week long school holiday when I was ten – I recall it well, beautiful dramatic scenery and the Minack Theatre is quite magical. You have inspired me to go back! Glad you had a relaxing break with the family and recharged your batteries, I know I speak for many QVC viewers when I say its great to have you back! Love to you and yours, Lisa. X

  2. anna hollands September 13, 2011 at 11:21 am -  Reply

    hi dale glad you had a lovely time in cornwall,it sounds stunning! great to have you back on our screen though! ive noticed you are launching thursdays eternal diamonique tsv. im hoping it may be the gorgeous bracelet that everyones been wearing on air recently!! guess i will have to tune in at midnight to find out!! love to you and your family mrs anna hollands in hastings xx

  3. Fiona Williams September 13, 2011 at 12:34 pm -  Reply

    Hi Dale, topless eh, so where’s the picture?
    My son enjoys Cormwall and is an avid surfer. He’s down the M5 every chance he gets. We went to Falmouth as a family years ago, our last holiday before the boys were too cool to holiday with mum and dad. We had a great time, even being pooped on from on high by seagulls didn’t spoil it. Fish and Chips on the harbour wall, best tasting ever.
    Don’t go away for holidays as such now as hubby is a motorsport marshal and we spend most weekends in the summer at circuits or hill climbs. Every time is different and somewhere new. A holiday in itself. Glad you enjoyed yours, love reading your blogs and hearing about the family including Toby. Bye Dale. The Bard!

  4. dale franklin September 14, 2011 at 1:40 am -  Reply

    Hi Lisa, glad it made you smile – It’s good to be back too and I hope you can join the merry throng of bloggers regularly. It’s funny how you or rather I forget sometimes what I do for a job – I’ll strike up an innocent conversation, as with my Dolphin watching lady and realise they are looking at you in a quizical way, suggesting they are probably thinking – where do I know him from? Or that’s what I prefer to think they’re thinking ! Dale x

  5. Marian Bolton September 14, 2011 at 6:44 pm -  Reply

    Dale’s been to Cornwall, and he’s got a tan
    One lucky lady has seen his overhang
    Fiona wants a photo, so come on Mr Tease
    Pop a pic’y on your blog, pretty pretty, please!

  6. dale franklin September 16, 2011 at 1:54 am -  Reply

    Anna thanks for your reply – I hope you liked the TSV, although it wasn’t the bracelet you admired. Fiona the bard, good to hear from you again – I also have a funny story about being pooped on by seagulls but not in Cornwall – on the Quay at Poole, Dorset. You’re right the fresh fish in Cornwall is amazing, as they are proud to support their local fishermen and so am I ! hence the overhang !! I’ll have to see about a pic, but don’t hold your breath ! Dale x

  7. dale franklin September 17, 2011 at 1:48 am -  Reply

    Hi Marian – loving your prose but not my topless pose ! I hope you have a great time at the Q – I’m sorry I wont be there to meet you again. If any readers out there are going to the Fashion event towards the end of the Month – be sure to come and say Hi as I’m going to co-host it with Pipa – should be a great afternoon. Dale x

  8. Marian Bolton September 21, 2011 at 12:00 pm -  Reply

    Thanks Dale. It’s probably just as well you won’t be around on Monday as I’m there for Keeley and Elemis and I wouldn’t want to get distracted! Glad to see you’re back on air later today and then midnight for ‘Northern Nights’ – though I will likely be getting my beauty sleep then. You know, you’re always welcome to join me up here for some Northern nights!!!!!!!! xxx

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