August gardening jobs, part 2


Herb collection Hello everyone,

Here's the second part of my gardening jobs for August – let me know how you get on…

Prepare your winter herbs
Pot up small plants of thyme, sage and rosemary into 13cm (5") pots of compost. Pop them on the patio and keep them well watered. By autumn, they’ll be the perfect size for placing on the kitchen windowsill where you can harvest them all winter.
Gladioli cuttingsGladioli display
Planning to pick some gladioli to bring indoors? For longer-lasting blooms, cut the spikes as soon as the bottom flower opens. Don’t cut off more leaves than you need, as they’re needed to build up the corms for next year’s display.
Getting the best sweetcorn
For the best flavour, harvest your sweetcorn when the silky threads at the end of the cob start to turn brown. As a double check, peel back the outer husk and press a thumbnail into a corn. If the juice is milky, the cob is perfectly ripe. 

Planning a new lawn?
If you want a new lawn, you need to prepare the ground now by killing off any perennial weeds. For best results use a good weedkiller. It takes around three weeks before you see the results, then you can dig over the site and level it ready for turfing or sowing. 
Roses Give wallflowers a helping hand
Pinch out the growing tips of wallflowers to encourage them to bush out and produce more flowers next spring.
Prevent mildew developing on roses
With the heavier dews at night, mildew can start to develop on roses. Spray them with Fungus Fighter to stop the disease getting worse.


  1. Toni July 23, 2012 at 10:42 am -  Reply

    Richard please help!! I have a redundant piece of rough stoney earth along the side of my property approx 25’x6′. Its in the shade 90% of the day only getting about 2hrs of evening sun. Is there anything atall that could survive planted here? Im a total novice when it comes to gardening but thanks to you (& flower power) my front & back gardens are looking pretty good. This area is really letting me down.

  2. Sarah August 7, 2012 at 12:50 pm -  Reply

    Richard Help
    My flower power hose feeder has broken – can I get another one????

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