Take underwater snaps on your summer hols!


Fuji WPZ33 camera

At midnight on Friday I presented the TSV – a fabulous little camera from Fuji called the Z33WP. This little camera is a must with your summer hols just around the corner because it’s waterproof to three metres, so not only can you take some great shots under the surface of the sea but it also keeps the sand out! Which is great as the sand stops many of us even thinking of taking our cameras onto the beach. The camera also boasts an impressive 10 megapixels, 3x optical zoom, 5x digital zoom and a whole host of shooting modes.

Slow worm

I was walking Toby this week and we stumbled across a Slow Worm and a Roe Deer on the same day! As you can see from the pictures my 5 megapixel (no optical zoom) phone made a decent job of the Slow Worm (basically it’s a snake-like legless lizard and I was able to get close) but the shot of the deer is disappointing. If I had used the Z33WP though, the 3x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom would have got me much closer to it and 10 megapixels would also have enabled me to crop the photo with a better quality result.

The Roe Deer

Don’t forget if the deer had then leapt into the nearby lake I could have followed it with confidence! OK perhaps not – but you get the idea.

Dale x


  1. julie June 7, 2009 at 2:50 pm -  Reply

    Hi dale
    That camera looks fab.
    I see 3 red deer when i walk my dog. You may remember me telling you that there is a woodland walk i go to where there is so much wildlife. The deer seem to live in there and are beautiful.
    Unfortunately this year there seems to be no frogs. Usually there are hundreds of baby frogs on the path. My dad didn’t get his usual frog spawn in his pind this year either, don’t know why.
    Hope Toby is doing well.

  2. michelle June 9, 2009 at 3:19 pm -  Reply

    Hi Dale
    I have just read your blog i love seeing all the pictures of Toby he is gorgeous as you are my fav presenter i always hear you talking about him.
    I liked the picture of the slow worm i spent my childhood in Cornwall, where we had lots of slow worms, I always thought it was a silly name as they were too fast for me too catch one.
    Michelle x

  3. Dale Franklin June 10, 2009 at 1:06 am -  Reply

    Hi Jules & Michelle, Jules you’re really lucky seeing Red Deer in the Wild, the only ones I see are in the Royal Parks like Richmond or Bushy.I’ve seen 1 frog in our garden but no spawn this year – hope it’s not happening elsewhere ! Michelle, I love Cornwall too, my middle brother Darren and I spent a whole Summer on Bodmin Moor in the 70s we stayed with a farmer and his family in a Hamlet called Mount near Warleggan, it was idyllic like something from “the Darling Buds of May” – Juss Perfick !
    More pics of Toby soon – Dale x

  4. laura November 22, 2009 at 9:50 am -  Reply

    Just browsing through all the blogs and came across this post! Wow im impressed with that camera! Also never knew there was such things as slow worms in the uk! Im so scared of snakes! So think i will still pretend slow worms dont exist when im out walking my dog!haha! Oh and the deer they are so so hard to take a pic of! I live in the north of Scotland and they are constantly in my garden as i live next to a forest! They are so cute!x

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