Are you ready for A Taste of Easter?


We’ve got a fabulous show coming up for you full of foodie delights on Wednesday 22nd March. ‘A Taste of Easter’ will bring you sweet treats in the form of brownies, meringues and more;  perfect picks for entertaining such as meats, canapes and pies; and delicious gift ideas including cheeses, fudge and chocolate galore!

Got your mouths watering? You can sneak a peek ahead of the rush right here! We also caught up with our lovely QVC team members who share their family Easter traditions. This way for ideas and inspiration…

Sweets & Treats

This eight-piece Grab Bag Fudge Selection from Buttermilk features delicious flavours such as Caramel Sea Salt and Chocolate Peppermint. Perfect for popping into bowls and tucking into whenever you just ‘happen’ to wander past.

Laura, our Fashion Copywriter might like to enjoy these delicious fudges on St Patrick’s Day:

“Many people give up sweets or chocolate for Lent, but St. Patrick’s Day always falls during Lent so we were told that this was the only day you were allowed to break it. But I think that might just have been my family because we’re gluttons.”

Easter wouldn’t be complete without a chocolate egg or two… or three! This decadent bundle from Monty Bojangles includes a temptingly tasty egg as well as four boxes of assorted truffles which you COULD share… but we won’t judge if you decide not to.

Our Social Media team love an Easter egg hunt:

Grace, Social Media Assistant:

Every year my grandma goes around her house and hides Easter eggs for me, my sister, cousins and my cousin’s daughter. Then my mum makes super complicated clues that are placed in each Easter egg spot and we have to guess where the next one is. They wanted to stop it when my sister turned 15, but now she’s 28 and we’re still doing it. My cousin has a 3 year old now, so we have an excuse!

Kylie, Social Media Assistant:

When I was younger, my aunt used to have the ‘Easter Games’. We did everything from an Easter egg hunt, to egg and spoon races, to an egg toss, it was always great fun! I remember my cousin was so excited to see an Easter egg hiding in a bush that she ran head first… it was a thorn bush! We spent the rest of the day picking thorns off her.


Easter Entertaining

When we think of getting the family round for a celebratory roast on the big day, the first meat that springs to mind is lamb. This selection of lamb crown chops from Green Seasons is full of flavour and promises a delicious meal that everyone will enjoy. Serve up with roast veggies and lashings of rich gravy!

Our Home & Kitchen Copywriter, Sarah enjoys this tradition with her family but went all out on a French exchange trip:

My family always get together for Easter to enjoy the classic lamb Sunday roast. We don’t tend to do anything too Easter-y, like an egg hunt, but I did get treated to the full Easter ‘eggsperience’ when I was 13 and on French Exchange over the Easter period. My host family held a huge celebration with a massive Easter egg hunt and a feast of delicious meats and cheeses!


Gorgeous Gifting

It’s always nice to treat others whilst enjoying the festivities for yourself. This fun, alcohol-free Cocktails Discovery Gift Box from Rocktails has four delicious flavours including ‘Coco Colada’ and ‘Mockito’ – a perfect gift for cocktail-loving friends without the dreaded hangover!


Need a little further inspiration? Our Electronics copywriter, Josie shares a sweet tradition she and her sister enjoyed as children:

When we were little we always made Easter gardens with fluffy mini chicks, lollipop sticks for fencing and houses, and mini chocolate eggs. We also sang the ‘Easter Bonnet’ song… (yes I grew up in the provincial countryside)

Well, with rumbling bellies, we’re off to have a look at The Taste of Easter preview that’s available over on our website. Why not head over before the rush starts on Wednesday 22nd March?

Happy Easter!

See our whole range of delicious food, as well as cookware and more over on our Home & Kitchen department.

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  1. Dianne April 1, 2017 at 8:38 am -  Reply

    We always made sinner cake. 11 balls around the top represent the disciples- excluding Judas when betrayed Christ

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