Are you a beauty addict?


July Beauty Month may have drawn to a close, but we're not finished with beauty just yet. Beauty takes a prominent role in all of our lives, and rightly so!

In celebration of our July Beauty Month, we commissioned a survey of over 2,000 women to look at beauty and how it affects us – are we really a nation of beauty addicts?

One of the most revealing statistics to come from the survey was that on average, women think about how they look nine times a day. 4% of those questioned also admitted that they thought about their appearance at least once every half an hour.

So how dedicated are you to your beauty routines? According to our survey, one in four Brits admit to reapplying their make-up every two-to-three hours. Whilst one in seven British women state that their beauty regime is the first thing they think about every morning.   

It also revealed that going for a job interview topped the list of situations where women most felt conscious of their appearance, whilst going on a night out or on a date followed close behind. Surprisingly, the results also showed that women felt more conscious about looking good for other women than they do for the opposite sex.

The survey also showed some interesting things in terms of our beauty regimes. One in five women admitted to copying their mother's beauty regime, whilst one in eight has continued to stick with said same routine. Does this mean we really do turn into our mothers?

There were also some interesting facts concerning ages and locations! It turns out that it's the younger generation who are more image conscious, one in twelve of under 25 year olds admit that they think about how they look at least once an hour compared to only 1% of over 55 year olds.

Yorkshire topped the list of regions that are most dependant on their make-up, the survey revealed that nearly a third of women from Yorkshire admitted that putting on make-up is the most important part of their daily routines.

Comment below to let us know what your beauty daily routine is and how you discovered it?!


  1. rachel August 1, 2011 at 5:28 pm -  Reply

    I just recently started working for a prestigious department store in the beauty hall, and I got to say since working within the industry like this ( and as a trainee therapist ), I am very aware of how I look and what I use.
    Although consistantly being told I don’t like my age ( in fact i get told i look 10 years younger ), I still like to use anti aging products ( i am nearly 30 ) and love testing new products to do with this.
    I am also very concern with what ingredients i put on my skin and so a lover of natural ( and were possible orgain products ) products.
    I am also a mum and it is funny to read the above that girls to copy there mums routine, as my three old is already picking up on what i do in the mornings and at night.
    A good cleansing routine defintely does wonders too, as since making sure i cleanse, tone, serum/oil with massage and moisturise and the once a week scrub my skin is so much more radient and blemish free. routine before was just cleansing and moisturing and flared with redness in cheeks, blemishs and blackheads.

  2. Julie Marks August 1, 2011 at 8:53 pm -  Reply

    Your survey seems to echo previous studies done in the past. As a more mature lady although I love my beauty products it is items like my cleanser and face cream I regard as essentials rather than any make-up items. It would worry me more to go out without having plucked and groomed my eyebrows than wearing eye make-up and faux tan is all very well, but if you haven’t removed the hairs on your legs not a good look. Body moisturiser is more important than a hi-lighter on your decolletage. Definitely personal grooming products are more key to my beauty addiction. However, that said I do wear make-up everyday, but I love my lotions and potions and regularly exfoliate, epilate, moisturise daily using specific products for different areas of my body, use masks, layer products, try new products and respond to any changes in my skin. I think that is why I love QVC’s beauty expert, Alison Young, so very much. I have learnt such a great deal from her and am so grateful for her honest advice. If that makes me a beauty addict so be it.

  3. Margaret Upton August 1, 2011 at 11:32 pm -  Reply

    I love my cleansing and bath products. Since retiring and discovering Bare Minerals make up I never worry how it is looking through the day as it lasts and lasts I love it.

  4. Debbie Lowe August 2, 2011 at 1:09 am -  Reply

    I cleanse tone and moisturise morning and evening,and exfoliate once a week.
    I have also added neroli oil and a serum and eye cream to my routine. I use a tan accelerator every morning,and body moisturiser on a night with a good hand cream.
    I usually put on makeup when I have to leave the house.I have discovered my routine mainly through qvc. I watch all of the beauty programmes,and have even been known to record them if I am out. They are very informative!!

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