April gardening jobs: part 2


Giant dhalia bloom Hi everyone,

Here are some more April gardening jobs to be getting on with in the second half of the month. Tell me how you get on…

Plant dahlias
Dahlias are easy to grow and not only do they put on a great display later in the summer, but they also provide lots of flowers for cutting. The simplest way to grow dahlias is to plant dormant tubers straight in the ground, in plenty of compost or well-rotted manure.

Care for your lawn
Give your lawn a boost by feeding it with some spring/summer lawn fertilizer like Lawn Magic. The difference will be amazing – within a few days your lawn will turn a wonderful deep green and it will stay looking great for weeks.
Replant polyanthus and primroses
Once your polyanthus and primroses have finished flowering, you can dig them up and divide them into smaller clumps. Replant these in a shady spot in the garden and each one will grow into a flowering-size plant by the autumn.

Prevent taller plants falling overRichard Jackson in the garden  
Some of the taller growing plants – like delphiniums – are romping away in the warmer weather. To stop them from falling over, stake them now before they get much bigger.

Toughen up bedding plants
Put your bedding plants outside on fine days but bring them in at night. This will help harden them up so that they get off to a much better start once you finally plant them outside after the last frosts. 
Protect spuds
As the first potato shoots appear above the ground, mound earth over them. This will protect them from the frost and boost the final crop too.

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