Anyone remember Windy Miller?


fish I promised I would so here I go – this blog is on indigestion!

I was working all this weekend at QVC at odd hours – straddling normal meal times - and found myself snacking on not-so-healthy foodstuffs. Ordinarily I don't imagine this is a problem and it's certainly not a new thing for me to do – however, this weekend was different.

I was fine Saturday, the photo is of fish at the organic market I visited with the kids after work (before indigestion!). After half a pizza and a packet of Minstrels before my Sound and Vision Zone show on Sunday afternoon, the demise of my insides began.

I slowly began to feel like someone had left a pair of socks in my stomach. Yes, an odd analogy I know, but imagine a dry pair of socks shoved into your stomach – heavy, uncomfortable, and rather raspy on your stomach lining right? Well that's how I felt.

Anyway, the stomach pain didn't go away all evening and I woke up with it that morning (Monday) so took it to work with me and as I explained on my daily blog, having stood in the production office, I rather surprisingly let out a burp which lasted about four seconds. I know, shocking, but true! So the diagnosis came piling in from all four corners, "That's definitely indigestion Pips".

I went hunting for meds, but was not successful so threw it open to you, the viewers, during my jewellery show, to see what remedies work.

I did NOT see what came next. We were inundated with text messages – about 65 arrived within the first 20 minutes and the Liverpool call centre was getting a barrage of calls from people not only placing their orders, but also telling their personal indigestion tales of woe too. It was rather hilarious!

A few thank yous

I wanted to say thanks to some of those that rang in: JP in Lancashire, Celia in West Sussex, Alison in Torrance, Maura in Belfast, Pat in Chorley, Amanda in Arundel, Vicky in Norfolk, Allie in West Midlands, Jean in the Wirral, Les in Rhyl, Gillian in Greenland, Kim in Bedworth, Gaynor in St Neots, Dianne in Washington, Lesley in Bowburn, Rhonda in Salisbury, Sara in New Addington, Gill in Devon, Carol in Essex, Sue in Pershore, Glenis in Birmingham, Maria in Swindon, Maura in Belfast, Babs in Stowmarket, Pam in Dumfries  – and I could go on but there I shall leave it.

So feel free to tell your tales below and to leave your remedies. I've tried banana, warm water, Coca Cola, peppermint, Gaviscon, lemonade, ginger biscuits and bicarbonate of soda - all with no success.

I wonder if I might just pop and fly around the ceiling multiple times like a balloon. Get your cameras ready!


  1. Barbara Coffee August 17, 2010 at 3:23 pm -  Reply

    HI Pippa,
    I really did feel or you, as luckily I do not suffer this problem very often, but when I do its profound sweating [the like of which shouldn’t be done by ladies] and bent double with the pain, and thinking I am about to die. But then I quickly put on the kettle, open up my peppermint cordial and mix the hot water with it. One mug full usually eases the problem, but 2 definately gets rid of it for sure. Then I could enter the burbing for England contest. Luckily I live alone so I can burp without embarrassment.
    Take care,
    Babs in Stowmarket.

  2. sarrah dunsbee August 17, 2010 at 4:29 pm -  Reply

    Oh dear! Had lot of trouble myself over years…one thing not heard suggest by others is fennel tea, helps wind or dill seeds chewed, (they put them in babys gripe water or used too), peppermint or chamomile also suggested to calm things in tea form…
    Mum says maybe was the chewing gum…her biology teacher used to tell any child chewing they would give themselves an ulcer as chewing stimulates the stomach etc to work and pour on digestive juices but if no food arrives the stomach digests itself!!!
    Love your shows, interesting and amusing lv s and e

  3. Dorothy August 17, 2010 at 6:54 pm -  Reply

    HI Pipa
    My aunt used to swear by a little shot whiskey mixed with warm water and a touch sugar, works for me but hate the taste of whiskey give it ago GOOD LUCK.
    Dorothy xxx

  4. Teresa Karasavvas August 17, 2010 at 9:41 pm -  Reply

    Hello Pipa
    My late grandfather always suffered with stomach pains and took regularly every morning a teaspoon of bread soda. It worked for him.
    Hope it goes soon and you don’t “pop” even though you are a singer you don’t want to be a “pop singer” as I believe Jazz is more your forte!

  5. Mrs Beverley Klymkiw August 17, 2010 at 9:48 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pipa,
    Sorry to hear that you had the “windy pops” (well that’s what I call them to the kids). Must say pizza followed by minstrels probably contributed to the wet socks in the stomach feeling! Of course I’ve heard of Windy Miller of good old Camberwick Green. On a different note, could you tell me when Yong Kim is going to be back on air. I, like you, feel that this is a great addition to fashion on QVC. Any info on who Yong Kim is (male or female)? Anyway, I have managed to bag a few pieces, but they seem to take forever to come back in to stock. Hope you are feeling better soon. Bev. x

  6. Lesley Minns August 18, 2010 at 2:02 pm -  Reply

    You are the best ! You always make me smile with your comments, its a shame you are normally on the TV during the day when I am at work !
    Do hope your tummy is better now, I did think the chewing gum may have been the cause. All that chewing causes air in the stomach ? so maybe did not help but hindered ? I know you received alot of remedy requests and I hope one of them worked for you.
    Best wishes, Lesley.

  7. Sylvia Pickles August 19, 2010 at 8:35 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pippa
    you have my upmost sympathy as I have suffered with indigestion for many years. My friends all laugh at me and say “You poor thing you are such a martyr to your stomach”. As all the above have failed I suggest as a last resort you try Rennie Deflatine for trapped wind. I and my son often use these when all else fails. Good luck Pips.

  8. Susan August 20, 2010 at 6:15 pm -  Reply

    Lol oh dear Pipa! Funny story though! Peppermint and ginger should have helped so sorry to hear they didn’t. And flat Coke helps line the stomach and relieve problems so again sorry to hear that didn’t work. Maybe you should pop in to your local health shop or pharmacy and get their advice now? Hopefully your woes will end soon. Most definately simple things though like eating regular small meals, chewing food properly and relaxing & taking time to eat is all key. Let us know how you get on!
    Take care,

  9. Marg August 23, 2010 at 4:45 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pips,
    I hate people to make light of pain or discomfort.I dont really have any cures for indigestion, who said that was the problem anyway.The Doc. will have the best answer, why not get his two pence worth after all that is what he is there for. You may be lactose intolerant,different from dairy intolerant, worth getting it checked out, with the correct remedy its a diet correction that will see it off.
    The lady who was giving the whisky remedy will know we call that a Hot Toddy on the other side of the wall,it cures everything a bit like mama’s chicken soup.
    I am the youngest of five and we were all treated to a mild Toddy for our last bottle at night,the Doc told my mother that we would all be drunks, the daft thing is my mother didnt drink alcohol and none of us touched it either,my Dad was the only one who had a tipple at new year. Something to be said for aversion therapy perhaps. Do look after yourself Pippa,

  10. Pipa August 24, 2010 at 8:58 am -  Reply

    Hey ladies Thanks for all your well wishes – as it turns out, it was definitely a reaction to those Minstrels!! I completely forgot, that the reason i hadn’t had chocolate in ages, was because I had stopped eating it due to a suspected intolerance!!… so, that would explain why I was doubled up in pain within half an hour of eating them! It wasn’t until the pain subsided a couple of days later and then returned after a couple of chocolate fingers that I put 2 and 2 together! What a bummer hey? Chocolate!!!…I’m yet to test white choc though, I can live with that if my body let’s me!
    Bev, as for Yong Kim, the next shows are on October 31st. You’re so right, it’s just beautiful – the reason it is only in stock for the shows is because it is a new line so we only buy it in for the planned shows. As the brand grows, you will begin to see more in stock but for the early days, they just buy in for the show – so put it in your diary!!!! xxx

  11. Cheryl September 23, 2010 at 12:16 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pippa
    You always make me smile and shouldn’t say this but you are my favourite! You fashion sense is amazing too and I always look forward to seeing what you are wearing and which new hair colour you have – mine is the same style but I am not as brave as you and I just keep mine plain old boring blonde.
    p.s. don’t know what I would do if I had a chocolate allergy

  12. Martha Mottram April 10, 2011 at 9:15 pm -  Reply

    Hi Pipa
    Love the new hair colour, it really suits you. Wish your hairdresser could cut my hair!
    Enjoy when you are on as you are always bright and cheery, a real pleasure. Thanks
    Regards. xx

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