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Wim tennis me and emma 1006 Well, a bit of tennis any how! This week my lovely old pal Emma invited me as her plus one to go to Wimbledon tennis – have you ever been there? She took part in the annual lottery to obtain the chance to buy a ticket –it's completely random as to which court you end up in.

I grew up in Morden, right next door to Wimbledon, so I used to go up there after school. I even got to work in the competitors’ restaurant during uni – great fun! I lost count of the number of players who put mayonnaise on their strawberries thinking it was cream! And got to know a couple of players back in the day – memories! Since then I’d been a couple of times, but they’ve revamped it a lot over the last decade or so.

Henman Hill

 Emma's tickets were on number two court and it was SOOO HOT! ‘Cos I’ve got photosensitive skin (should have been a vampire!), I have to tog-up with hats, brollies and high SPF – but with the help of Ultrasun I managed to survive the intense heat ok this time – thank goodness! Managed to catch a couple of matches – here's Ferrero and Malisse in action.


Wim tennis me and copper 1006 On the way round the courts, we managed to get a kindly copper to take of us. He was very chatty – Emma had just said ‘Say constable!’ to me – hence the shot below! All in all, it was a lovely day!

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  1. Rachel Hunter June 29, 2010 at 6:19 pm -  Reply

    Wow Debbie – how lucky were you !!!!
    Me and my family (with the exception of my daughter who thinks it is boring) are tennis nuts . We watch all of the televised tournaments on the Beeb, Sky and Eurosport – and have been known to get up in the middle of the night to support Andy Murray when he is playing on the other side of the world !!!
    I started watching Wimbledon in 1974 – the first year that Jimmy Connors won and have been hooked ever since . I used to love watching Jimmy hustling his way through matches ! Through the years I have supported others including Boris Becker and Andre Agassi.
    Now of course , nothing makes me happier than a Murray win !
    Glad you had a great day – Wimbledon must be the most beautiful sporting venue in the country – and please let us know which players you met when you worked there.
    Kind regards,

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