Answers to our presenter quiz of the year revealed!


A few weeks ago we posed the question – how well do you know your presenters? Now, you can find out with the answers to our presenter quiz of the year 2009!


Simon in Vienna Q. Whose New Year's resolution was to get fit and become like Miss Universe?
A. It was Miss Keep Fit herself, Claudia Sylvester

Q. Who spent Hogmanay in Vienna?

A. The Q Voyager Simon Biagi


Jilly HallidayQ. Which presenter was stranded in their broken down Ferrari 308 GTS on their way to a ski resort in Spain?

A. The unlucky Julian Ballantyne. See his impressive motor.

Q. Which presenter celebrated their 15th anniversary in February 2009?

A. The lovely Jilly Halliday


Dale and Toby Q. Who's dog starting wearing a hair clip in March 2009?

A. Pet-lover Dale Franklin. Read all about the lovely Toby.

Q. Who became vice chairwoman of the Breast Cancer Care committee in March 2009?

A. Claudia Sylvester


Catherine Huntley and Daniel Green Q. What presenters spent the night brushing shoulders with the celebs at April 2009's BAFTA awards?

A. Catherine Huntley and Daniel Green

Q. Which Hollywood legend charmed our very own Debbie Greenwood?

A. Film star Ernest Borgnine (Tova's husband). Find out more.


Claire Sutton Q. What award did QVC win at June 2009's Chelsea Flower Show?

A. The coveted silver award

Q. Which presenter extended their family with the additions of Sparkle the hen and her two chicks, Petal and Leaf, and two chick escapees Elsie and Fl?
A. Animal lover Claire Sutton


Glen Campbell Q. Who twisted their knee and back 20 seconds before going on air in June 2009?

A. Accident-prone Glen Campbell

Q. Who celebrated 14 years at QVC in June 2009?

A. Beauty guru Alison Young


Catherine Huntley playing games on Dawn Bibby Q. Who admitted to doing 'windypops' on packed trains and then looking round innocently to escape the blame? This same presenter also competed in the Race for Life back in July?
A. Cheeky Catherine Huntley 

Q. Who was dropped from the Presenters Rounder's Team?

A. Poor Debbie Greenwood


Jill Franks with Brian Conley Q. Which presenter met up with pal Brain Conley at the Hairspray musical in August?
A. Lucky Jill Franks

Q. Who was visited by the manic Daisy dog and shared a video with us to demonstrate?

A. Anthony Heywood – see the video.


Julia Roberts in the Eurovision contest Q. Who picked blackberries (brambles) for a special dish in September?

A. Wannabe-chef Simon Biagi – get the recipe

Q. Which presenter revealed their Eurovision past in September?

A. The talented Julia Roberts – read all about it.


Debbie G with her air guitar Q. Who celebrated their birthday and wedding anniversary with air guitars and a dance off?
A. Diva Debbie Greenwood 

Q. Who spent drank cocktails, went snorkelling and just chilled out in Malta in October?
 A. The oh-so-cool Craig Rowe


Pipa in Canada Q. Whose husband tracked down long-lost family in Canada in November?

A. Pipa Gordon's – read the full story

Q. Which presenter has lost 14lbs in two months since starting Diet Chef in November?
A. Super slim Debbie Flint – see her recent 'before and after' pics


Sara G's bumpQ. Who revealed her baby bump on her blog in December?

A. The blooming Sara G. Find out if it's a boy or a girl here.

Q. Which presenter celebrates their birthday on Christmas Day?

A. Mister Dale Franklin! 

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