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Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for all of your wonderfully kind comments regarding my mum. She thanks you, too, for your thoughtfulness. I’m also very touched by you sharing your own personal experiences with your families.

There are so many comments that I know I won’t get time to respond individually but please know that I read every single one and am moved every time you take the trouble to write in order to either share and/or send your kind wishes. I send my very best to you, too, plus a Huntley hug as I think we could all do with one, especially on a cold, wet, Monday!

Now, onto the winners of the Judith Williams Today’s Special Value ahead of tonight’s midnight launch! The winners have been selected purely at random. I don’t have anything to do with that side of the competitions but I believe it’s by computer. The computer has said yes to four of you lucky people. No more delaying, no more build up, here are the winners!

 – Su Brett
 – Sandra Lane
 – Barbara England
 – Karen Schofield

Congratulations! One of my fabulously marvellous colleagues will be in touch, shortly, to arrange for your prizes to be delivered to you. I hope you enjoy your Judith Williams sets.

If you didn’t win don’t forget the TSV is coming up tonight at midnight and will feature all day Tuesday at a special price. Look out for more future competitions on my blog soon.

Have a great day!
Love Catherine


  1. Barbara February 27, 2017 at 1:26 pm -  Reply

    Oh my dearest Catherine, I have been so lucky to be one of your
    I am so thrilled, and I can hardly believe it..!!!

    I was on-line, trying to sort out my Gas & Electricity bills, when an email came through, and I could not believe my eyes to see that I was one of your winners.

    Thank you so so much, and QVC, xxx I have never won anything in my life before, and I am getting so old now, but I am thrilled.

    I am a QVC addict! (smiles)

    I have bought Judith Williams products before and love them.

    I think I have purchased nearly everything in my home from QVC also lots of beauty products.

    Thank you all so very

    Sending loads of warmest hugs to you and your beloved Mum Catherine, and of course the rest of your family.
    I can hardly wait now to ‘phone my son & daughter tonight (when they get home from work) to tell them the wonderful news !!!

    All my love to you Catherine and loads and loads of warmest hugs to you and you darling Mum

    Barbara xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and my little white poodle Paris xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Catherine Huntley February 27, 2017 at 5:19 pm -  Reply

    Dearest Barbara and Paris,

    What a lovely message! I’m so thrilled for you. It’s so clear how much joy it has brought you and that warms my heart.

    I remember being extraordinarily ‘un’ well off when my son was a baby and I won a packet of baby wipes. It was the first thing I’d ever won and I identify with your happiness right now.

    Please enjoy, I hope it makes you happy every time you use it. Although winners were random I am over the moon you were one of them.

    Lots of love to you & yours,

    Catherine xx

  3. Nikki Brown February 28, 2017 at 7:30 am -  Reply

    Well done to all the winners. Catherine, your Mum is doing so well, you must all be so relieved. Having just lost my Mother In Law and laid her to rest on 27/2 I know how precious Mum’s are (I lost my own Mum 20 years ago so it feels as if I’ve now lost 2) so please, hug her your Mum a little tighter next time you see her. I enjoy reading your posts and hearing how your gorgeous house has been transformed. Take care. ..

  4. Barbara March 1, 2017 at 11:31 am -  Reply

    Good morning my dearest Catherine,

    I come here most days to (see you).. I was so so happy to see that you had replied to my message ,thank you xx… you must be so busy with your home life and work, and I do so appreciate that you made time for me..(hugging you) xx

    I would like to go on Facebook or twitter to get to know you better,, but I like my privacy Catherine, and I hear so many nasty things that can happen on-line, so this is my only way of communicating with you at the moment…Do QVC have their own Community on Facebook or twitter?

    I live alone now Catherine (apart from my beautiful poodle Paris) and have been divorced for over 40 years, when my two children, Lynn and my son Dale flew the nest, it was so heartbreaking, yet as Mum’s we know they have to, I have worked all my life, thankfully, and been able to support my children and pay all my bills, and like you Catherine,I have done all the decorating/tiling, in my home, laid lawns and patios etc.,but the time has come now when my body is telling me to take it easier..but I am getting the urge again now to buy more paint, also I see that one of my bedrooms could do with new decor.

    I retired from my office work years ago Catherine, ( I have a VERY BIG BIRTHDAY) coming this Christmas….eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! ….but found it very hard to live on the pension money, so now I go out several times a week to clean people’s houses, I see it that it pays for my food and little Paris..

    My darling daughter Lynn had breast cancer Catherine, and it was devastating, she had a mastectomy and then the dreaded chemo, and she is feeling a lot better now, but as a parent, you just want to take it from her, you feel so helpless..oh, every minute is so very precious.

    Oh my sweet, I am waiting excitedly for my beautiful Judith Williams gift, I am so truly grateful and cannot thank you and QVC enough. xxxx

    You are like another family to me Catherine, all my own family, ( 5 brothers and parents) apart from my beloved children have died of heart attacks at an early age, so QVC is such a huge part of my life now. xxxx

    You come over on TV as such a sweet, lovely lady, so caring and it shines from you Catherine !!! xx you are very special !!!

    Sending huge hugs and lots of love to you, your darling Mum and children.

    Take care my sweet.

    Barbara & Paris xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Catherine Huntley March 22, 2017 at 1:40 pm -  Reply

    Dear Nikki,

    Thank you for taking the time to write. I’m so sorry to hear of your mum and, now, (as good as) second mum passing. My condolences go out to to and your families. I certainly will give my mum extra hugs and love.

    Take good care and hold to all the beautiful memories you built together.

    All my love,

    Catherine x

  6. Catherine Huntley March 22, 2017 at 1:56 pm -  Reply

    Dearest Barbara,

    Thank you for your very moving and heartwarming post. Did you know you share the same name as my mum?

    I appreciate what you say about apprehension over getting involved with social media. In my early days at QVC I learned the hard lesson of having to grow a thicker skin and broader shoulders as there were some people online who could be quite unpleasant. I was foolish and naive enough to read their comments but now I simply avoid things which are hurtful as much as I possibly can. Thankfully, most people are good, kind, positive sorts and it’s really great to connect with them via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as on here. My blog is my least active medium for keeping in touch. It’s simply because I can interact with more immediacy on the other platforms.

    I’m so impressed with all that you’ve done in your life to support your family, and now Paris, through so much. What a remarkable woman you are. I have a feeling you’ll be prising open that paint tin before long.

    QVC do have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and also Instagram. Worth having a look and you could always delete your accounts if you decided you weren’t keen. You could also follow my page Catherine Huntley TV on Facebook as well as @TheHuntley on Twitter and catherine_huntley on Instagram if you like?

    It sounds as though your children are your world, along with Paris, and I bet you are theirs, too. I’m sending hugs your way and hoping QVC have delivered your prize and you’re enjoying it by now.

    Lots of love,

    Catherine x

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