An apology to Dad!


My Dad Hi, and a special hello to my Dad… plus an apology to Dad as well!

Here he is hours before his flight to Australia a month ago. I dropped him off at Heathrow airport. He headed out there to spend some time with my sister. We parted our ways and arranged for me to pick him up from the airport on his return.

Well, there I was, sound asleep, early Wednesday morning, when my mobile rang at 6.30am. I looked at the handset and there was Dad's number blinking away at me. Oops, I thought he landed next Wednesday not this Wednesday! For a moment I tried to kid myself it was a time zone issue! He realised my mistake and was on the coach to the station to head back home to the Isle of Wight.

So, big apology to Dad and I'll see you soon. I'll make up for it and buy you a tub of strawberries and pot of cream (they're his best, but he tends to focus more on the cream and sugar rather than the healthy, tasty strawberry!) Dad loves cream – he's been known to have a bowl of cereal with cream and mountains of sugar, it's not a healthy way to enjoy cereal and I don't recommend it, but he says it's delicious!!

Dad had a great time out there and came back looking really well. He seems to have suffered no jet-lag whatsoever. He stayed awake all through the day, went to bed at nine that night and felt right as rain the next day! Hopefully I'll get down to the Island over Easter for a good catch up!

Apart from the odd email, we didn't have much contact while he was in Australia. I did receive one text from him though (that in itself is a real achievement. He hates using the handset – the predictive text drives him mad, even though I've told him how to disable it!) His text was to say that he saw my antics with Ant and Dec for Red Nose Day! The power of the internet!

Take care and see you soon,


Ps: 3 hour Gold Fever show this Monday afternoon (4th April) at 5pm x


  1. Marian Bolton March 31, 2011 at 6:26 pm -  Reply

    Your Dad named you well Charlie! x

  2. sylvia April 1, 2011 at 10:07 pm -  Reply

    Oh Charlie—Imagine forgetting your lovely old dad.He looks like a lovely man.I do hope he forgives you and I’m sure he will as you are too sweet to give a row to.I bet when you were a wee boy your’e angelic face got you out of a lot of trouble.Lol x

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