All the latest in horticulture from Germany


New cymbidium orchid Have you ever seen an orchid quite like this? It's a new variety of cymbidium on display this week at an international gardening trade show in Germany.

This amazing, award-winning plant produced flower stems which cascaded down, producing the effect of a waterfall of colour. I couldn't tell if it had been trained this way or whether it grew naturally but the effect was breathtaking.

The trade show highlighted the best of current horticulture, from the latest potting machines to the amazing new styles of European flower arrangements. Although it was all fascinating, I was only there for the day so I spent most of my time looking at the new plants and was very taken with a beautiful, compact, free-flowering purple magnolia called 'Genie' and a very pretty, double-flowered, trailing mini-petunia.

Grafted vegetables were big news too. These are plant varieties (mainly of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and aubergines) grafted onto special rootstocks to help them grow and crop better. Commercial growers use them extensively and they're now becoming  more widely available for home gardeners too.

Talking of cucumbers, I saw an amazing gadget that is clipped over growing cucumbers and moulds them so that when you cut the cucumber, each slice looks like a heart. Pretty cool, eh?

Happy gardening!

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