Microphones, Christmas and my old Mini


Dennis Basso coatEven though I was working three days this week and didn’t get to see Dale, Sara or Julian, I checked QGossip and now I know what they’ve been up to! 

Both Dale and I had busy shows with Dennis Basso on his anniversary visit this week, and it’s always great fun to spend any time with the big man himself – Dennis that is (Dale’s quite sweet too)! 

That aside, it’s always a problem knowing where to put my microphone during these hours so that when I try on all the coats it’s not buried in a faux fur collar!

We managed but I’m currently in talks with our sound department to see if I could have my mic worked into my hair-do like in the West End musicals, which would be perfect unless Dennis brings us a selection of hats next time – which will be the 2nd December if you want to make a note!

Can’t believe Christmas is quite so close – how are you doing with your present buying? Unfortunately I’m a little behind, but am feverishly jotting down item numbers after shows so I can rectify this. Watch this space as I know Lulu’s going to be in soon, oh and Lime Tree Pantry – yum!

Finally, it’s not only Julian with car trouble. Mine was driving as though it had indigestion, and needed roadside attention. It reminded me of when my old Mini broke down and I had Lucy in the car just ten weeks old. There was heavy snow and lethal conditions on the A12.

We were rescued by a very kind man in a dustbin lorry. Freezing conditions then too. I can’t tell you how glad I was to be wearing my faux fur coat this time as it was bitterly cold. Anything like this happened to you? I’d love to hear about it if you add a comment.

Keep in touch, and talk to you again soon,

Ali x

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