Ahh, the whiff of autumn is in the air!


I know that our weather has been lovely the last week or so, but the leaves have definitely started to fall. My conkers are huge and thankfully the growth of my lawn has slowed.

Although I couldn't possibly be accused of being a tight Scot, I like to avoid having the central heating on until we get into October and this year I have managed without too much protestation from Mrs Biagi and the kids. You know the drill: “It’s cold tonight/this morning, lets put the heating on!” Reply: “Go and put another jumper on!”

Mind you, we gave it a quick trial run as I fitted some new radiator thermostats and by heck it was toasty yesterday afternoon as I tested to see if it worked – I had to turn it up past 24°C. Still, six new ones fitted in a couple of hours and only one scene akin to the little Dutch boy at the dam; I was quite pleased with myself.

The bountiful hedgerow harvest this year leads me to believe that we’re in for a cold winter this year, anyone else making predictions? Do I need to rush out and by a 4×4 so I can make it to work?

By the way homework schedules and karate/rugby fixtures (my son’s not mine, I hasten to add) have delayed the production of a giant vat of Bramble Jelly being cooked up. Recipe and pictures next week. 

Well I’m off to find my sweater to see if I can push my luck and reduce my fuel bills.

Simon X

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