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Michaela from GatineauHi everyone,

Michaela from Gatineau here for the final part of our mini series.

For the grand finale I wanted to look at ageing. We all know we are going to get old - I don't have to tell you that! Although inevitable, the external signs of ageing, particularly where our skin is concerned, can be improved.

By looking at how our skin changes and why, we can treat it correctly and keep it looking younger for longer. So here are my tricks on how you do it!

Our skin in our 30s

What's the problem?
It's all about toxic damage in our thirties. The carefree, sun-worshipping, sleep-skipping days of our twenties are behind us and this is when we start to see the first signs of that damage!

Pollution, exposure to UV, poor diet and lifestyle factors increase the damaging 'toxic' molecules in the skin, meaning that collagen and elastin production slows down. These two substances are needed to help the skin retain its plump, bouncy feel and without them the lines and wrinkles creep in!

In our thirties we notice that the skin appears duller and more tired looking. Add to this the stress of children, long working hours and hectic lives and it can be a recipe for disaster.

What can I do about it?
Gatineau 3 Piece Melatogenine 10th Anniversary Collection Firstly, treat from the inside – make sure your diet contains plenty of natural anti-oxidants. Vitamins A, C and E are particularly good for toxic damage. Stay out of the sun as much as possible and drink plenty of water to help your body flush out free-radicals.

In terms of skincare, now is the time you want to start using our Melatogenine range for lines and wrinkles. This super-molecule makes the skin appear plumper and smoother, plus you have the added bonus of collagen and hyaluronic acid to rehydrate. Our Melatogenine range contains a cocktail of known anti-oxidants to help protect from further damage.

To experience the range try Gatineau Three-Piece Melatogenine 10th Anniversary Collection. Containing an eye cream, a concentrate and a mask, this trio gives you a complete anti-ageing smoothing collection to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Our skin in our 40s

What's the problem?
Our skin gets much drier in our forties as sebum production (the natural layer of protective oil) slows down dramatically. The subcutaneous fat in our face starts to deplete, leaving us looking more hollowed and saggy than ever before.

The very top layer of skin, called the Stratum Corneum, thickens and gives us a dull appearance on the surface. This is caused by a slowing-down of the skin renewal process, meaning we have more dead cells clinging on to those top layers than before.

What can I do about it?
Gatineau 7 Piece DefiLift Holiday Collection This decade is all about refining the surface of the skin. If you are not already, make sure you exfoliate regularly to 'trick' the skin into the renewal process.

Eat plenty of protein (eggs, corn, rice, wheat) as this will help with the re-building of cells. Start using the DefiLIFT 3D range, which is designed to lift and help redefine the facial contours. The range contains a complex of natural plant proteins, plus hyaluronic acid to provide comfort to the skin.

For an introduction to the range try DefiLIFT 3D Holiday collection. Comprising seven products, this will allow you to try the whole range for an absolute fraction of the price. Alternatively you could try DefiLIFT Intense Neck and Decollete Duo. Containing two full-size products, this is the optimum way to ensure the skin on your neck remains firm and taut while also feeling silky to the touch.

Our skin in our 40s and 50s

What's the problem?
Many people say that, by the time we are 50 we have the skin we deserve! This is true in as much as we will see the full extent of previous damage during this decade.

Melanocytes, the cells which make melanin, will find it hard to function properly and this results in age spots and pigmentation marks becoming visible on the skin's surface. Changes in hormones within the body mean that the skin can become stressed. For some of us this will mean increased sensitivity, itching and even breakouts.

Our skin becomes more fragile and more vulnerable to damage. Cell renewal slows even further and the skin takes longer to heal itself.

What can I do about it?
Age Benefit Fear not, if you have taken good care of your skin throughout your thirties and forties the damage should be minimal. Try to eat plenty of omega oils from food such as fish, eggs and seeds, and fruits like cranberries and avocados. These are real 'protectors' and help limit cell damage within the body.

Now is the time to start using Age Benefit - the absolute latest in anti-ageing skincare. This range tackles the five main signs of ageing, which we will all experience by the time we reach our fifties, unless we are very lucky! Age Benefit is designed to help with lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, lack of hydration, lack of radiance and pigmentation – everything you need!

Recently launched the range is available in a concentrate - Age Benefit Integral Regenerating Concentrate and a moisturiser - Age Benefit Integral Regenerating Cream. Alternatively you could try our Age Benefit Try-me Collection to sample the range.

All ages

While our age will provide an element of categorisation for our skin's needs, no matter what our age, our skin still has needs. For example, 99% of us, no matter what our age, no matter what our skin type, will suffer from dehydration. Dehydration is a lack of water, which is why it affects us. Gatineau's Aquamemory range can help.

Our skin may also suffer from dullness, a lack of radiance and look older than our years purely because it is sallow. Gatineau's Activ Eclat selection is specifically formulated to combat this.

These ranges also provide the ideal introduction to Gatineau for those embarking for the first time on professional skincare.


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  1. paula murray August 20, 2010 at 6:49 pm -  Reply

    This information has been very helpful. I am 44 years old very soon, and have been using gatineau products for about a year and a half. My routine is melatogenine cleanser, force collagen serum,melatogenine future plus moisturiser and eye cream plus smoothing neck serun. I apply products morning and night, and have just bought the aqua memory roll on eye product, anti aging gommage duo and lip duo.
    How do i incorporate this into my routine, and should i be using Age benefit rather than Melatogenine.( i have stock piles of it!)
    Please can you advise me.
    Thankyou, Paula M

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