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Miceal is a man of many passions which can be seen from his life and career in television so far. Whilst working for RTE, the national broadcaster in Ireland, he has interviewed Hollywood celebrities, helped raise money for charity through antique auctions, reviewed soaps and films and even appeared on the red carpet at world premieres.

He has also turned one of his passions into a part-time career – chocolate! Miceal is a trained chocolatier which involves making and eating handmade chocolates, as well as teaching others about this interesting craft.

Experiencing new cultures, languages and food are essential parts of life for Miceal, and he has been lucky enough to have travelled around the world. He has even been made an honorary member of an Asian Mountain tribe, having been given his own elephant by the tribal chief!

What’s your idea of the perfect weekend?
Peace, quiet, sunshine, fresh air, excercise, staying in bed late and, last but not least, home-cooked food (I am a man with simple needs!)

When are you most happy?
This question actually made me laugh! I’m lucky to have quite a positive outlook on life so I’m usually fairly happy most of the time.

I’m at my happiest though when I’m kicking back relaxing in the sunshine. I think I must have been a reptile in another life as I love being in a warm and sunny climate. That said, it doesn’t happen often enough!

What can’t you live without?
My friends.

What’s been your silliest moment at QVC?
Giving Debbie Greenwood a chocolate during a show without warning her that it was filled with a shot of liquid liqueur. As she took a bite, the liqueur dribbled down her chin and I started laughing my head off! Debbie, as always, was a complete professional and carried on with the show.

What 3 things would you take with you to a desert island?
I want to say things like an SAS survival kit because I was an award-winning boy scout and love all that stuff, but the reality is probably more like:

1. My iPod – filled with my favourite music, photos of friends and family and maybe even one or two of my favourite movies.

2. A solar panel sytem – useful for powering the ipod, but also for heating water for cooking and showering!

3. A trawler full of toiletries – there’s nothing worse than feeling unclean (memories of childhood camping trips come flooding back) and nothing better, when deprived of all other luxuries, than having a nice hot shower and smelling clean and fresh.

Tell us a joke
Two cats were having a competition to swim the English Channel. The English cat was called ‘One Two Three Cat’, and the French cat was called ‘Un Deux Trois Quatre’ (pronounced ‘cat’). The English cat won because Un Deux Trois Quatre Cinq.


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