A Saturday afternoon blending (and drinking) cocktails…


Craig and Jules with teachers Dave and Leanne Hello, hope you are well,

Some of you make have heard me mention on-air that I went on a cocktail making course a couple of weeks ago. I did promise to tell you more about it, so here it is…

I was actually bought the cocktail making course as a Christmas present, which was so wonderful. I never would have thought of doing something like that myself.  One of my best friends, Julian (more affectingly known as Jules) also joined me and what fun it was!

The course took place on a Saturday afternoon at a specially designed 'bar school' in Shoreditch near the city of London. We all arrived for 1 o' clock and there were about 15 of us. We met our teachers Dave and Leanne and we were all welcomed with a delicious fruity cocktail to get us started. 

Craig and Shelley Catherine and Matt Craig making a cocktail Craig and Jules

The way the afternoon ran was that Dave or Leanne would make a cocktail and talk us through each one then each of us got to make it and as long as we stuck to the cocktail rules of 'something strong, something weak, something sour, something sweet' we could vary the recipe as we saw fit. For example, the first drink we made was a Tom Collins traditionally made with gin but I used white rum instead, delicious!

Over the course of the afternoon we made a Tom Collins, Whiskey Sour (I actually opted to make an Amaretto Sour – yum, yum, yum!), Cosmopolitan, Caipirinha, Margarita and Mojito. I learned pretty early on that I had to pace myself as we could either discard or drink the drinks we made. I drank the first couple then took a break until Shelly and I (a delightful lady we met) ran to Tesco to stock up on sarnies and cakes!

The afternoon was such great fun – Jules and I were on our usual 'entertainment mode' laughing and joking and generally being quite loud. The teachers were great and as well as was the gorgeous Shelley who we ended going for dinner and dancing with after the course.

We also had Catherine and Matt on our team who were the sweetest couple – I have to say without Catherine I think we may have been lost as she was an A* student and seemed to remember everything the teachers told us first time round!

Hope you like the photos. If you ever need a mean mojito you know where to come!


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