A trip to Bristol Zoo with mum and Jasmine


Craig with his Mum and Jasmine outside Bristol Zoo Hi there, hope you've had a good week?

A couple of weekends ago I went down to Bristol to see my family and on the Saturday mum, Jas and I went to Bristol Zoo for the afternoon. I always thought I was generally not into the idea of zoos and animals in captivity, but in reality without them some species would no longer exist, and I know Bristol has a very good reputation for their conservation work.

A ring-tailed lemur We had a great afternoon, it was lovely and sunny and we explored all areas of the zoo watching the usual suspects like the lions, meerkats and lizards as well as making some newer friends with the lemurs and even prairie dogs (they are actually a type of rodent despite the name) – what fun!

As well as seeing all the animals there was also time for a Jasmine's cartwheel fest! Jasmine cartwheel fiesta and even a sneaky little forty winks for Craig (as caught on camera by Jas!).

Hope you like the photos, when was the last time you went to a zoo? Or is a safari park (or even a safari!) more your thing?

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Craig catches forty winks Craig. x.


  1. Gail June 27, 2010 at 3:20 pm -  Reply

    Hi lovely Craig, looks like you all had a lovely time and you were very lucky to have had nice weather (good job is wasn’t this weekend or you would have all burnt).
    I wasn’t initially into zoos, but I think they have done a turnaround and are more involved in conservation now, which is good.
    There is only one zoo for me though, and that is Australia Zoo. I visit the website constantly and love the way Steve Irwin’s inspiration seems to be thriving.
    My favourite animal ever was Guy, a gorilla who lived at London Zoo. I’ve always been an animal lover, but even back then in the 60’s when I was little I hated that this beautiful gorilla was in such a confined space. It use to really upset me. I remember his beautiful sad eyes that would follow you, but I never felt afraid or in danger.
    Anyway, I could talk for England about animals and wildlife, so I’ll say bye for now. They are very nice photos Craig and lovely that you still have your mum to share time and moments with.
    Lots of love, Gail

  2. maria June 27, 2010 at 4:40 pm -  Reply

    Hi Craig. You look like you and yours had a great day. One of my best momories from being a child was going to Windsor Safari Park ( sadly no longer there, its now lego land) . I remember watching with amazement the killer whales and the dolphins jumping up from the water with such grace. Even though as an adult I felt like you that is it fair to keep animals caged up but then realizing that seeing those dolphins and killer whales was the nearest I got to the real thing, so who am I to judge? On the same topic Monkey World is awesome and you should try that. bye for now. maria

  3. Teresa July 18, 2010 at 10:36 pm -  Reply

    hi craig, just been watching you and thought i would look at your pictures from bristol zoo, it brought back alot of memories, i lived in bath and visited the zoo several times when my son was younger, it looks like its changed quite abit, my favorite animal was wendy the elephant who i believe is sadly no longer, you should show your pictures to charlie as his mum had close connections with the zoo and i recently sent her a picture of wendy who also likes elephants, keep up the good work, i love watching you and hearing your voice as it reminds me of home, bye for now love teresa xx

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