A night at the dogs and Paul Lavers as David Niven


Paul Lavers as David Niven Another interesting week for me… It has been ages since I went to the theatre and to the dogs, so this week I thought I’d do both!

My old QVC and shopping telly pal Paul Lavers told us all on Facebook that he was in London doing a one-night, one-man, one-act show based on an imaginary speech the famous actor David Niven might have given at an awards ceremony.

Just Paul and the stage – for a whole hour! So how could I refuse. We’ve kept in touch over the years since we both left QVC in 2000, but I hadn’t seen him for ages and I’d never seen him in a theatre show. I wasn’t disappointed! Saw some other old mates too, including his son Michael. My boy Brad came along with me so it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Paul made us laugh and right at the end, when ‘Niven’ was looking back over his life, he also made us (well, certainly me) cry too! Gosh I never realised he was such a good actor! 

There are a couple of clips of Paul doing various things on YouTube too if you miss him. Even though he’d been in various TV series before he came to QVC, and is now doing lots of other acting too, I hadn’t thought of him other than as an excellent fellow presenter so it was lovely to see those skills.

Some of my best laughs on-air have been with Paul and we remember fondly some of those early ‘big’ shows we did here – including the first ‘road show’ featuring new inventions from up and down the country.

As I’ve mentioned previously on my blog, a little clip of that show was featured recently on our 17th QVC anniversary in October. Ahh memories!

Anyway, Paul’s now off to work on a cruise ship for a while – the Boudicca – sailing away to the sunshine in Madeira so we wish him well, and I’ll be waiting to hear all about it on Facebook.

And I’ll keep you informed as and when he does Niven in London again next year. If you’re after more memories, and more laughs, here is a link to a YouTube clip of some of our early QVC bloopers featuring Paul and Jilly amongst others – how we’ve all changed! 


A night a Wimbledon dog track

Dog track It’s been even longer since I went to a dog racing event, so this week, Kipling Kerena and I went along to a charity event for MND at Wimbledon dog track.  It reminded me of when I was much younger and my dad and granddad Jim used to arrange family nights out every so often to either horse or dog racing.

I’m not really a gambler, in fact in the past it hasn’t interested me at all apart from once when I was about seven and I won my granddad twenty whole pounds by choosing three horses for him, and he gave me ten shillings to spend! So I knew I wouldn’t have to worry too much about getting carried away with the bets!

It was a really lovely night, with some great food, and I even managed a win! I’d taken my brother Glenn’s advice and done a ‘reverse forecast’ costing £2 per race – the last of the big spenders!

I learned that it means choosing two dogs per race, and they both had to come in first and second but it didn’t matter which order. Kerena did single bets, also costing £2 but I stuck with the tip. Kerena had a couple of winners and then finally, in race 9 (of 13) I shrieked as the dogs passed the post. I’d picked the winning two! A grand total of £29.30 was delivered to our table for me and I felt very pleased. Net profit for the night’s betting was… £3.30. I don’t think I’ll give up the day job.

Tiana B and Dennis Basso

Tiana B dress It’s a big fashion weekend for me this week – including lots of my favourite ranges. There's Tiana B dresses for me on Thursday (18th) and Dennis Basso on Friday and Saturday. 

And make sure you don’t miss the two major performances this week too! None other than Westlife is being interviewed by Alison Keenan on Tuesday at 9am and then Russell ‘The Voice’ Watson on Thursday evening at 8pm. I love it when the big names come to QVC. Watch out soon also for news of the Hairy Bikers – I’ve bought their book in preparation so I can get practising in the kitchen!

Best wishes

P.S. Over the weekend Marie from Kipling was talking on air with me about her Mum’s errant black Labrador Charlie who got expelled from obedience school! Hilarious! I’m going to find out more about this story – it seems so funny. Will report back soon…


  1. Muriel O’Toole November 15, 2010 at 4:03 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,lovely seeing those old clips,with such familar faces from the past oh those good old QVC days,and so sad seeing Steve,let us have some more though,I know times move on but the friendly manor of early days made it so special,with all the customers phoning in ,you felt as though you knew everyone ,I always remember the elderly lady who collected the dolls goodness knows how many she had,then someone phoned in saying they hadn’t heard her voice for a while and she had died,it was one big family,well done Debbie for reminding us.Muriel

  2. Martin forbes bucksburn aberdeen November 16, 2010 at 5:29 pm -  Reply

    good blogs debs
    bet paul is still funny and cheeky as usual .
    give him my best

  3. debs flint November 17, 2010 at 9:23 pm -  Reply

    Martin – Paul’s reading this so he’ll know you sent your regards!
    Muriel – I agree – they were lovely early days for sure!
    If anyone else spots any outtakes or bloopers on the net I’m sure you’ll let me know!

  4. Susan November 18, 2010 at 10:33 am -  Reply

    Hi Debbie,
    You write the most fabulous but amazingly LONG blogs! I’ve said it before but I have no idea how you manage to create the time to do it!! Sounds like a wonderful evening & with your stunning son too. Bonus for you I’m sure. Have a lovely weekend…the gales seem to have died now at least! Take care
    Susan x

  5. Pauline Johnson November 19, 2010 at 7:03 pm -  Reply

    Hi Debs you are so lucky to be able to spend a evening with Paul I think he is great I wish he would come back to QVC he used to make me smile.

  6. debs November 22, 2010 at 10:09 pm -  Reply

    Pauline – yes Paul is still great fun!
    Susan – I love being with Brad every so often – am looking fwd to an evening buying his xmas pressies at Westfield like we did last year – clothes mainly I’m sure! And sorry if the blogs are a bit long! lol

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