A Halloween fright!


Jilly's children in Halloween costumes Hi everyone!
We love Halloween, it’s just a great excuse to have a kids’ party.

We always choose a big pumpkin and hollow it out, which I think is a horrible job as it smells disgusting. Still, then you get to have a great time carving it. You can get some great stencils these days and I always trace the face on in pencil first.

A couple of years ago my children really wanted to go trick-or-treating and I must admit that I wasn’t really keen so I lined up a few friends and family that we could call on.

All was going well until we got to my sister’s house. She had decided to dress up too, as a surprise. So when she opened her front door, all the kids saw was this cackling old witch.

Well they screamed, I screamed, my sister screamed because we were screaming and the kids were hysterical and thought the boogeyman had taken their aunty!


  1. Margaret October 31, 2009 at 12:47 am -  Reply

    Hi Jilly, what fun bet you will always remember that one, years ago when my two were younger one of their friends had one of those horrible rubber masks it was of an old man with long whispy grey hair and he used to put it on and an old tweed overcoat he would come to the house and he got us every time the screams were dreadful but I must admit it was a brilliant get up and he used to growl, gosh Im getting goose bumps remembering.Hope you and your children have a good time this is what memories are made of and kids just love to be scarred.Best Wishes Margaretxx

  2. Belinda October 31, 2009 at 7:22 pm -  Reply

    dear all, reminds me of when we had new neighbours,foreign
    students, who had just moved in before halloween. My children were all dressed up as were wolves, vampires and
    there was a knock at the door. Yes, it was my new neighbours come to introduce themselves. As I opened the
    door three small monsters were spotted shreiking past the
    front door, through the hall and out the back door. The
    looks of the new neighbours faces was a picture, but I just said to the neighbours, how nice it was to meet them
    and that they were welcome to call round anytime. Funny,
    they never came back round after that first call.

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