A great night out with Lenny Beige!


There are some nights out that you just have to write about. Last night seeing Lenny Beige was one of those nights. It was a late night, yes, but was it worth it? You bet!
You might know Lenny Beige better as Steve Furst the writer, comedian, actor who appears in many TV shows including Little Britain and who's known for his Orange mobile phone ad appearances.

He does a fantastic one-man-show performing as his alter-ego, Lenny Beige. He's an outrageous, sexy, chav dripping in big lavish jewellery, old-fashioned suits and has a leg kick that puts Frankie Vaughn to shame.

Revolting in a weird and wonderfully sexy way, he is a comic genius and his show boasts incredible guests who have talent bursting out of their seams.

Laughter was the theme for the night and boy did we laugh. My husband Larry (weirdly Steve's middle name!) works closely with him so we were in the firing line for every joke going. A little scary but definitely a night to remember.

The venue was packed with Lenny Beige fans who, after three hours, were still left wanting more. A great night enjoyed by us all.
What was your last night to remember? I would love to hear about it…

Jill x

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  1. gill morris October 9, 2009 at 11:42 pm -  Reply

    hi jill franks
    on the 7th of october my friend wendy and i had a night to remember at the liverpool echo arena with sir cliff and the shadows they first played together 50 years ago
    we all had a wonderful time clapping and singing along to all their hits cliff is 69 on the 14 of october but you would never believe it he danced sang from 730 until 1040 cliff and the shadows were on good form telling jokes and having a good time on the stage and making us all feel part of the gang we left wonting more well done cliff
    love gill xx

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