A Christmas catch up


So, Christmas was crazy as my children are now 4 and 5 years old, which meant that this year they were full on climbing the walls and hanging from the ceilings for the entire festive season! Santa was great, he gave them lots of sweets and naughty things that boring Mummy would rarely give them! 
The New Year was wonderful. I'm always a fan of New Year, usually for the fact that I'm the kind of person that loves looking back over what has happened through the year, journaling a bit and setting some goals and ambitions for the new year coming in. This is usually a very personal time, but for the first time this year we invited friends to do the same with us – so, it was a wonderful evening. I know it sounds kind of gushy – my apologies if I just put you off your food!
By the way, thank you for all your amazing cards, letters, emails and pictures over the festive season – I'm always overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness. I think I just about managed to get Christmas cards out to everyone who sent me an address, and have nearly managed all the thank you cards… although not quite yet!!
Now I really need to rush as I have a date with Jack Bauer – yes indeed, the TV series 24 has returned and it's a highlight of my week!! X X

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