Successful plant surgery and QVC Wildlife


Well rain and shine, wind and thunder and that was just in one day!

Yes it’s summertime, UK style.

We had so much wind and rain last weekend in the night that we awoke to two huge bushes lying prostrate across the the lawn. Emergency action was required and I had to chop huge swathes of the ceanothus and a beautiful flowering thorn bush (not sure what name) as the flowers of both had weighed down the branches until they gave way under the strong wind. Then having taken a lot of weight out of them, I propped them back upright. Well three days later I was pleased to report that the surgery worked and they both remained upright, once the props were removed, albeit less impressive than they they once were, but at least they’ll be here for next summer.

In other garden news, my night sky petunias arrived in good health and are doing very nicely in Richard Jackson’s premium multi-purpose compost.

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I am looking forward to meeting up with my good friend, Richard Jackson, for two-hour shows at 9am on both Saturday and Sunday. Also at midday on both days, I’ll first be doing as I’m told in an hour of “Eat, Taste, Love” and on Sunday an hour of fragrance par excellence with Yankee Candle.

I recently posted a picture of a moorhen chick, this week I’ve added two more photos taken in and around the beautiful lake here at Chiswick Park.One of the huge koi carp and the other, a beautiful grey wagtail.

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Until next time stay windswept and upright!

Dale x

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